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Gift Guru has arrived!

Gift Guru has arrived!

At Gift Guru our goal is simple: ensure our users make a great impression on every important occasion in the lives of their family and friends. With Gift Guru, we want you to help you give a great gift, on-time, every time. Not giving a gift? We’ve still got you covered, helping you find greeting cards, flowers, or simply remembering to call or visit your mom on Mother’s Day!

An application to manage all steps of gift giving!

Gift Guru is a free web application to help manage all steps of this personal outreach and gift-giving process. Gift Guru starts by helping users log and track all the occasions they celebrate in a year, the recipients they celebrate, and how they plan to celebrate each. Then, the service will then help you prepare for each event. First, Gift Guru will provide reminder notifications for each upcoming event, delivered to your email to ensure you have ample time to shop and find the right gift. Then we will help you discover great gift ideas for your recipient, based on their interests and passions.

And that’s just where we are starting! Over time we’ll be adding new and value-added features to ensure you’re the best gift giver around! We’ll also be growing the blog and will cover a variety of topics spanning the gift space. Want to see a specific topic covered? Or have ideas for new product features? Let us know! We’re here for our users, to deliver the tools and information to help you improve your personal relationships through the art of celebrating important occasions.

Gift Guru is free, easy, and here to help

What does it cost to use? Nothing! Gift Guru is a totally free service to sign-up and use. The sign-up process is quick and easy and within minutes you can all but guarantee you’ll be prepared for any occasion! Have a forgetful friend? Spread the word about Gift Guru and help them be a better gifter!

We are excited to embark on this journey and are so thankful to have you along for the ride! If you haven’t yet, sign up now!

Happy Gifting!

The Gift Guru team

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